Assisting Clients with Pro Per Representation

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Collection Defense AttorneySteven M. Gordon, Inc. has been practicing law in Monterey County since 1980.  In certain matters, such as collection cases, a client has difficulty justifying the expense of legal representation in comparison to the amount of a creditor’s claim.  We are able to advise clients who seek to represent themselves in court, known as pro per, pro se, or propria persona representation.

We are able to assist our clients in pro per representation matters by:

  • Advising clients as to the rules of court and civil procedure.
  • Determining the elements necessary to establish a claim or a defense in court.
  • Propounding or responding to discovery requests.
  • Preparing or responding to a complaint, answer, or notice of motion.
  • Planning strategies for the case, including terms of settlement offers and stipulations for installment judgments.

We have been representing clients in civil litigation matters since 1980. If you have questions concerning your particular situation, then please call our office during business hours to schedule a telephone conference or office visit, or complete the adjacent form and we will contact you.

An attorney-client relationship is not created between the client and the law firm until the attorney and client execute a written retainer agreement describing the legal work to be performed.