Trust Administration Attorney

Collection Defense AttorneySteven M. Gordon, Inc. has been representing clients concerning the administration of trusts since 1980.

We represent clients in the following matters:

  • Issues of allocation of assets and liabilities to sub-trusts.
  • Disputes among trustees and beneficiaries concerning distributions from the trust.
  • Disputes among beneficiaries entitled to the allocation of income and expenses from the trust.
  • Issues of whether discretionary distributions should be made to beneficiaries.
  • Issues concerning the accuracy and sufficiency of trust accounting reports prepared by the trustee.
  • Disputes as to whether the signing of a trust was procured by undue influence, or whether the trustor was mentally competent and had necessary mental capacity when the trust was signed.
  • Negotiations and settlement of disputes between beneficiaries and the trustee by mediation.

We represent settlors, trustees, and beneficiaries in trust matters.   If you have questions concerning your particular situation, then please call our office during business hours to schedule a telephone conference or office visit, or complete the adjacent form and we will contact you.

An attorney-client relationship is not created between the client and the law firm until the attorney and client execute a written retainer agreement describing the legal work to be performed.

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